2017 Pseudata Introduction
from Hiroshi Shimizu

26” M

I was recently asked if every gardener wanted a big tall pseudata in their gardens. Most of the ones being introduced are 36 inches tall or taller with tall foliage. This year a very short small pseudata stood out in my stock garden and screamed, “Look at me”. It is only 26” tall and has small flowers similar in size to a Siberian iris. Growth is very vigorous and the plant throws up a multitude of stalks each with five buds. This 2017 introduction would be lovely in a small garden. From a distance it is red, but on closer observation the background is peach overlaid by red veins and a red rim. My picture was taken at the close of the season when I just could not ignore this small pseudata. Every flower had a bumblebee to give a perspective of the size. Now $20.00