Siberian Irises

Siberian irises are wonderful landscape specimens. Their elegant and graceful flowers are borne above a clump of grasslike blue-green foliage which is attractive during the whole growing season. Here is a key to our abbreviations.

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AHRTALWEIN(Tamberg ’02)35" M
Wine red with white signal$8.00
AMETHYST ECHO(Warner ’04)34" Er
Tet. Amethyst purple with broken white signal$8.00
BABY SISTER(McEwen '86)HM918" E-M
Dwarf violet-blue with white signal, vigorous$5.00
BRIGHT AND BEAUTIFUL(Hollingworth '04)31" EM
Deep violet and red-blue mix$8.00
BLACKBERRY JUBILEE(Schafer/Sacks ’97)36" ML
Dappled red violet, veined darker, small white signal$8.00
CHINA SPRING(Bauer/Coble ’99)34" VE
Tall, medium blue$6.00
CARMEN JEANNE(Helsley ’96)AM0528" EM
Violet blue, large white signal$8.00
DEAR CURRIER(Dunlop ’05)30" ML
Tet. Medium blue veined darker, darker edge$10.00
DEMURE ILLINI(Varner '85)HM8736" M wiki
Deep grape red, with large white signal$6.00
Very dark purple overlaid with velvety black sheen$10.00
Tall light lavender$8.00
DREAMING OF YOU(Dunlop ’08)26" M-L wiki
Tet. Standards near white, falls light yellow$10.00
DROPS OF BRANDY(Schafer/Sacks ’88)27" ML
Falls washed medium blue, paler edge$10.00
ECHO THE WIND(Schafer/Sacks ’99)31" EM
Blue violet over yellow base, yellow petal rim$8.00
EMILY ANNE(Hollingworth ’99)HM0533" E
Tet. Standards violet. Falls cream with dashed purple edge$8.00
ENCORE PERFORMANCE(Hollingworth, '10)37" MLr
Red violet$8.00
GOLDEN EDGE(McEwen ’92)30" EM
Dark velvety violet with yellow wire edge, tet.$6.00
GRACEFUL GHOST(Hollingworth ’06)34" M-L
Very light blue self$10.00
GLOWING REVIEWS(Hollingworth ’19)30" M
Ruffled rose violet, bluish center$20.00
Tet. Very ruffled dark blue, white signal$8.00
GULL'S WING(McGarvey '91)36" L
Pure white self$6.00
HAIL TO THE CHIEF(Hollingworth ’12)33" EM
Ruffled red violet, large cream signal$10.00
HAVING FUN(Bauer/Coble ’05)30" M
Multipetaled rose violet with lighter edges$10.00
HELLO YELLOW(Hollingworth ’99)33" M
S. cream, F. yellow$8.00
HIGH STANDARDS(Hollingworth '87)HM8944" M
Tall dark purple, white and gold signals, tet.$6.00
IMPRESSION(Schafer/Sacks ’03)24" M
Pale violet heavily dotted and washed blue violet$10.00
JIGGLES(Bauer/Coble ’00)32" EM
Ruffled light blue veined slightly darker$8.00
JOYCE COLE(Cole ’06)30" M-L
Tet. White self, green veins and green hafts, lightly ruffled$10.00
KABOOM(Bauer/Coble ’00)AM1034" M
Tet. Navy blue with gold and white sunburst blaze$8.00
I. sanguinea 'KAMAYAMA'36" EM
Tall rich violet, good landscape plant$8.00
LEE'S BLUE(Bauer/Coble ’94)30" M
Medium light blue ground veined darker blue$8.00
LEMON BLUSH(Hollingworth ’08)37" L
Standards white, falls pale yellow fading to ivory$10.00
LEMON VEIL(Bauer/Coble ’00)34" EM
S. cream, F. light yellow with lavender veins[sold out]
LIGHT OF HEART(Hollingworth ’07)34" ML wiki
Pale blue-violet bitone, beautiful blue in the center$6.00
MAGENTA MOMENT(Helsley '92)36" M
Lightly ruffled magenta red$8.00
MAGNUM BORDEAU(Bauer/Coble ’00)32" M
Wine red, blue violet veins and halo$8.00
MISS APPLE(Schafer/Sacks ’09)30" M
Small-flowered red with warm yellow signal$12.00
MOON DAZZLE(Bauer/Coble ’05)26" M
Tet. Ruffled white$10.00
MOONLIGHT FAIR(Hollingworth ’11)33" M
Tet. Ruffled yellow fading to ivory cream$10.00
MY GIRL EMILY(Cole ’08)32" M-L
Standards pink/lavendar, falls light blue, red edge, ruffled$10.00
PENNYWHISTLE(Schafer/Sacks ’00)34" EM
Blue-violet, darker veining, large gold signal$8.00
PERCHERON(Warburton ’82)35" M wiki
Heavily ruffled purple violet, veined and dappled$8.00
PINK PEPPER(Bauer/Coble ’03)26" M
Pale lavender heavily peppered with lavender dots and dashes$8.00
PLUM FROLIC(Schafer/Sacks ’01)27" M
Light blue ground, heavy red violet veining and dappling, ruffled$10.00
PURPLE SAND(Miller ’91)36" Mr wiki
Light violet veined darker$8.00
Many bloom stalks on tidy compact plants. Slightly ruffled violet blue self with somewhat open standards and a prominent veined white signal. Slight fragrance.$12.00
RIGAMAROLE(Bauer/Coble ’00)34" M
Multipetal lavender edged light pink$8.00
ROANOKE'S CHOICE(McGarvey '76)32" EM
Pleasing pinkish lavender with brown hafts$6.00
SALAMANDER CROSSING(Schafer/Sacks ’99)AM0642" EML wiki
Pale yellow speckled lavender$8.00
SEA STAR(Warner ’04)30" M
Tet. Ruffled medium blue with thin white rim$8.00
SHALL WE DANCE(Hollingworth ’92)31" L
Ruffled medium light blue violet, veined deeper$8.00
SUNFISHER(Schafer/Sacks ’03)28" EM
Deep yellow$8.00
SYLVIA'S LOVE(Borglum ’07)23" M wiki
S. pale blue white, F. white with pale blue veining$8.00
THAT'S MY BABY(Hollingworth '95)21" M
Ruffled deep red-violet, small flower$6.00
TRIM THE VELVET(Schafer/Sacks ’95)40" M
Rich blue purple, white wire rim$8.00
TUMBLE BUG(Bauer/Coble '00)30" M wiki
12-petal dark rose-wine with white/yellow signal pattern$8.00
TWELFTH KNIGHT(Warner ’02)32" EM
Tet. Deep purple with blue wash, large white signal$8.00
VELVET PRISM(Warner '02)29" M
Tet. Deep blue violet, bright blue halo, thin white edge$8.00
VERY VICTORIAN(Hollingworth ’99)32" EM
Ruffled medium mauve veined blue$8.00
Draycott Gardens is pleased to be able to offer selected Morgan Award and Morgan-Wood Medal winners at the low price of $6 each, when stock permits.
Morgan Award winners
ERIC THE RED(Whitney, 1943)1952 M-L
Deep red-violet self
TYCOON(Cleveland, 1938)195236" wiki
Large violet-blue flowers
CAESAR'S BROTHER(Morgan, 1932)195336" M
Strong-growing deep blue-violet self
TROPIC NIGHT(Morgan 1937)195430" L
Very dark velvety blue self
WHITE SWIRL(Cassebeer, 1957)196240" L
Pure white self
TEALWOOD(Varner, 1961)196427" M wiki
Blue-purple self, flat form
VIOLET FLARE(Cassebeer, 1960)196540" L wiki
Medium violet self, deeper near center
COOL SPRING(Kellogg, 1939)196637" M
Light blue with white styles
BLUE BRILLIANT(Cassebeer, 1960)196726" ML wiki
Standards medium blue, falls slightly lighter
PIROUETTE(Cassebeer, 1964)196832" ML
Standards pale blue, falls medium blue
VELVET NIGHT(Edwards, 1962)196920" M
Dark velvety blue-violet self
DEWFUL(McGarvey, 1967)197040" ML
Blue self, stylearms very light blue
SUPER EGO(McGarvey, 1966)197130" ML wiki
Standards very pale blue, falls darker blue, shading to white at edges
EGO(McGarvey, 1966)197232" ML
Blue self with white blaze and haft pattern
SWANK(Hager, 1969)197332" M
Deep blue self, little signal
ORVILLE FAY(McEwen, 1970)197636" M-L
Blue self with veins, tet.
VI LUIHN(DuBose, 1974)197734" ML wiki
Deep violet self, pale yellow signal
AUGURY(McGarvey, 1973)197940" L
Opens pink and changes to light purple
RUFFLED VELVET(McEwen, 1973)198022" M-L
Standards velvety reddish purple, falls darker, ruffled
BUTTER AND SUGAR(McEwen, 1977)198127" M wiki
Standards white with greenish yellow veins, falls yellow, white styles with yellow midribs
STEVE VARNER(Briscoe, 1978)198229" M
Lavender, bright light blue stylearms
ANN DASCH(Varner, yr)198338" ML wiki
Mottled light blue-purple with solid deeper edges
PINK HAZE(McGarvey, 1980)198438" M
Morgan-Wood Medal winners
BUTTER AND SUGAR(McEwen, 1977)198127" M wiki
Standards white with greenish yellow veins, falls yellow, white styles with yellow midribs
STEVE VARNER(Briscoe, 1978)198229" M
Lavender, bright light blue stylearms
PINK HAZE(McGarvey, 1980)198438" M
MABEL CODAY(Helsley, 1985)199130" EM
Ruffled medium blue, white signal, lighter styles
LADY VANESSA(Hollingworth, 1986)199236" M wiki
Standards light wine red, feathered styles lighter; falls ruffled medium wine red
JEWELLED CROWN(Hollingworth 1987)199324" M
Tet. Deep wine red with circular gold blaze
SULTAN'S RUBY(Hollingworth, 1988)199429" M
Standards deep magenta, lighter feathered style arms; falls velvety deep magenta, prominent round gold signal, ruffled
SHAKER'S PRAYER(Warner ’90)199633" E-L
Small tricolor veined purple, flowers well above foliage
CORONATION ANTHEM(Hollingworth, 1990)199732" M
Tet., ruffled medium to deep blue; falls with large creamy yellow blaze aging to white, style arms lighter blue, tinged red
FROSTED CRANBERRY(A.M. Miller, 1991)199832" M-L
Standards red violet, aqua veins; falls darker, greenish hafts and signal, spathes red
ROARING JELLY(Schafer/Sacks, 1992)199936" M wiki
Standards and style arms lavender grey with diffused red purple veining; falls shaded and dappled, signal white with dark veining and dark blue flush
OVER IN GLORYLAND(Hollingworth '93)200034" M
Large, round, ruffled deep blue-purple, gold blaze, tet.
STRAWBERRY FAIR(Hollingworth, 1994)200129" L
Tet., heavily ruffled crushed strawberry pink, small white signal, style arms light blue
LAKE KEUKA(Borglum ’94)200231" M
Ruffled light blue edged lighter
CARELESS SALLY(Schafer/Sacks ’96)200326" Mr
Washed reddish violet, heavy veining, ruffled
BLUEBERRY FAIR(Hollingworth, 1996)200432" M
Tet., standards light blue violet, style arms broad, short, multi-shaded; falls medium blue violet, veined white signal, ruffled, flared
WHERE EAGLES DARE(Helsley, 1995)200541" M
Dark blue violet; large white spot on reverse
RIVERDANCE(Schafer/Sacks, 1997)200642" M wiki
Cornflower blue with white wire edges, white signal yellow in center, rolled ruffling
SHIPS ARE SAILING(Schaefer/Sacks ’98)200735" M
Lightly ruffled bluebird blue, deeper veining
FOND KISS(Schafer/Sacks ’99)200833" M
White with lavender pink central flush
RUFFLES AND FLOURISHES(Hollingworth, 2002)200933" M-L wiki
Tet., ruffled red violet, falls with white wire rim, gold signal with blue halo
HERE BE DRAGONS(Schafer/Sacks, 2003)201028" EM wiki
Standards pale yellow highlighted and rimmed darker, style arms with blue violet heart; falls dark yellow overlaid blue violet, yellow rim, warm yellow signal [sold out]
BANISH MISFORTUNE(Schafer/Sacks 1999)201145" EML
Lobelia blue, veined darker, large yellow signal
SO VAN GOGH(Schafer/Sacks, 2005)201230" E-M wiki
Standards and style arms medium blue-violet, falls yellow, veined blue-violet. [sold out]
SWANS IN FLIGHT(Hollingworth ’06)201333" L-VL
White self, very large flowers
GINGER TWIST(Schafer/Sacks, 2009)201630" E wiki
Lavender standards, darker dappling, style arms pale gold with lavender inside yellow edge, falls pinkish-brown gold, speckled; small flowers.